Thank you to all attendees, speakers and panelists for an amazing Action Summit.

In case you missed it, please enjoy Arndrea Waters King and Martin Luther King III as they reflect on the legacy of the great Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and how it informs their work as human rights and hate crime activists and directors of the Drum Major Institute.

Join peers and colleagues from across Canada and around the world who are dedicated to combating all forms of hatred circulated on the internet.

The Action Summit to Combat Online Hate will bring leading activists, academics, and policy makers together to discuss this serious problem and develop an action plan to combat it.

In addition to an outstanding roster of panelists, we are pleased to announce the following keynote speakers:

We invite you to register for one of three tracks, with subject matter relating to your field, area of interest, and  expertise.  

Each track will include three moderator-led panel discussions with industry and subject matter experts. At the close of the second day, there will be an interactive workshop summarizing  key findings and making recommendations for action.

Track 1

Online Hate: In Search of Regulatory Solutions to a Complex Issue 

Explore  options for regulating online hate, including regulation of social media platforms and internet providers.

You will hear from industry representatives from technology giants like Facebook, Twitter and Shopify, and subject matter experts from Canada and around the world who will discuss options and potential pitfalls of regulation. 

Track 2

Remedies and Redress for Online Hate: Shifting Power

Explore remedies outside of criminal law for targets of online hate, including a civil remedy to replace s. 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act, transformative and restorative justice models, and/or tribunal processes. 
You will hear from subject matter experts about the scope of the problem of online hate, innovative forms of remedy and redress that have been used in the context of online hate, and survivor-focused approaches that have been used in other contexts and may be relevant in addressing online hate.

Track 3

Raising Public Awareness of Online Hate: What It Is and What Can We Do 

Set the groundwork for a public education campaign rooted in public opinion research, the objectives of which will be to increase awareness about online hate and furnish digital citizens with tools to identify online hate and report it.

You will learn about the breadth of the problem, challenges of identifying online hate, Canadians’ experiences and perception of online hate, and the rights and responsibilities of industry and users in helping to build on online community that is safe and accessible for all.

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Action Summit to Combat online hate

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